From the desert to the forest

Since 2014 we work at Finca la Canopea to give life to a nearly desert land of 1 hectare… with the aim to gaze at a beautiful canopy within 2 decades ! 

The land has been farmed with orange trees on a conventional way and has been abandonned during several years. When we settled in we faced a very poor, compact and devastated land with nothing more than weeds, shrubs and a handful of trees. With the help of permaculture, an ecological approach and our vision of a sustainable way of life, we have the goal to reforest the land and recreate a natural ecosystem where plants, autochthonous fauna and human beings can live again together and grow in harmony.

Work of the land

On most of the land we’re busy planting trees ; fruit trees, native species and other useful trees. We plant hedges to protect the terraces, we try different plants and trees combinations to stimulate positive interactions and increase the yields. We also aim to get all the plants diversity we need to reach one day self-sufficiency.

In selected zones we create beds to cultivate vegetables that we often mix with taller plants and trees to give shade and to produce organic matter.

Chickens are powerful allies. They fertilize the land at the same time they feed from it, they recycle our organic wastes and leave us eggs. Currently we don’t have other animals but we’re studying the possibility to have various in the future !

Permaculture is based on three ethical principles. They are the fundamentals of permaculture and can be found in most of traditional societies..


The earth is a living entity that breathes. Without a constant and conscious care its living capital decreases more and more.


If people satisfy their necessities on a simple and compationate way, the environment around them will thrive.


There are seasons of plenty that invite us to share with people around.

Permaculture, beyond the organic agriculture !

Who plants tamarind doesn’t harvest tamarind

The power of the trees


Trees are not only irreplaceable for us, they also help to maintain life in general on Earth. Animals and grounds depends mostly on healthy forested zones, so without forests, species have no place to live and the earth looses its fertility, what then causes an environmental desiquilibrium that intensifies climate change.


A study leaded by Yale University estimates that they are about 3 trillions trees on Earth, and its number has beeen reduced by 46 % since the beginning of human civilization, giving an average 422 trees per person, but, every year about 15.000 trees are lost.


Trees are an important element in the natural landscape, they prevent the erosion and provide a shelter against the clement weather to an all ecosystem in their crown and in the undergrowth. They also play an important role to produce oxygen, to reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, to moderate the temperature in the ground and to stock the water ressources.

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Nature lovers, travellers, idealists, entrepreneurs and parents. We landed on this land more than 10 years ago.

Pascal loves the Earth, to plant trees is his calling. He likes recreating micro ecosystems inspired by the interactions found in the Nature. Bene dedicates herself to seed and develop new ideas inside the project by finding links between the Earth, people and culture.