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Edible forest and vanilla plantation

Come and discover one of the most precious and prized aromas in the world: the vanilla!

Visits available every Tuesday and Thursday at 10 am for individuals or groups.


Discover permaculture with your 5 senses

Permaculture invites us to develop new ways of thinking about the interactions between humans and the planet. We will share our experience of transforming a desert land into a thriving oasis, and you will be able to use your five senses to discover and experiment with ideas and techniques for caring for the land and its inhabitants.


From the desert to the forest

Since 2014 we work at Finca la Canopea to give life to a nearly desert land of 1 hectare… with the aim to gaze at a beautiful canopy within 2 decades !

The canopy is the high level of a forest where the crowns of the trees meet the sky. The canopy hosts a unique and diversified fauna and flora that can not be found elsewhere. Moreover the canopy is an important ecological element, it covers the forest ground and protect it from the strong winds and storms, it also avoids the sunlight to reach the ground.

Come to enjoy the particular surroundings !


Dream holidays in EcoFinca


Give us a hand : participate to our permaculture project !


Visits, workshops and more activities!

OUR PROJECT IS BASED ON THE THREE ETHICAL PRINCIPLES OF PERMACULTURE : take care of the Planet, take care of the people and share the ressources.

Sponsor a tree !

« The best moment to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The best second moment is now » .
For a birthday, a wedding, a birth or other important event, why not offer a tree to celebrate the occasion ? We take care of planting a tree on our land and we’ll send you a certificate you can offer as a gift to you cherished one.

Los Silos is a village of 4000 unhabitants with a lot of energy. It is situated on the Northern coast of Tenerife, a beautiful region preserved from the mass tourism invasion. Los Silos has a lot to offer ; a farmers market every Sunday, festivals, carnavals, tradional celebrations… Many possibilities to enjoy an enriching stay and to get to know the local culture.

Los Silos village is situated at the foot of Teno massif hides a valuable and interesting natural richness in fauna as in flora. The lush laurisilva forest contrasts with the coastal arid land which still host areas of different kinds of spurges. Steep gorges make the link between the high lands and the wide coast.  


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