Knowing nature to love and respect it

At Finca la Canopea we have been working since 2014 to give life to a piece of land that was almost desert-like when we adopted it. With the help of permaculture, our aim is to restore an ecosystem to make it as rich and abundant as possible, taking into account the characteristics of the environment itself.

The activities we propose are the opportunity to work on the relationship we have with nature, offering the possibility to immerse ourselves in a wonderful green environment during the time of the activity. We also offer keys for reflection and to make our concepts evolve, always trying to open doors towards new futures where man and nature live in harmony again.

The relationship between man and his natural environment is a vital factor in preserving life on earth. Man must live in symbiosis with the environment that gives him life, in a beneficial relationship of balance. Unfortunately, the degradation of this relationship has accelerated over the last 50 years. We can observe in both children and adults a worrying level of ignorance concerning nature and the necessary bond that unites us with it.

We need to reconnect with nature to love its infinite richness, goodness and beauty. Whoever loves respects, it’s as simple as that. But you cannot love something or someone you don’t know….
We also need to understand what our role should be, that of man, as a key element in the system, being able to decide at every moment if we are going to take beneficial or destructive actions for our planet.

The future is in our hands, we invite you to get to know other possible futures!


Edible forest and vanilla plantation

Come and discover one of the most precious and prized aromas in the world: the vanilla!

Visits available every Tuesday and Thursday at 10 and 11.30 am for individuals or groups.


Discover permaculture with your 5 senses

Permaculture invites us to develop new ways of thinking about the interactions between humans and the planet. We will share our experience of transforming a desert land into a thriving oasis, and you will be able to use your five senses to discover and experiment with ideas and techniques for caring for the land and its inhabitants.


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