Week of singing and nature in Tenerife

A week to sing and breathe in one of the most beautiful corners of the Canaries: Los Silos!

A time to stop, rediscover yourself and meet others.

Singing to open doors, discover unknown spaces, find harmony with your breath, connect with others and the world.

We’ll be exploring areas of great natural beauty, the ocean and its ancient movement, the mountains and their quiet strength, the subtropical vegetation and its welcoming warmth. Through our voices, we will resonate with these spaces and the elements of nature. To take our place, to go beyond our limits, to do ourselves good, to celebrate human nature and what connects us, and to listen, in all simplicity.

Catherine will give us a taste of the joys of improvisation…

with Bénédicte we will be experimenting with traditional songs from different cultures, using one or more voices.

This course is for anyone interested in exploring their voice and making music with others. No previous knowledge is necessary.

Guest trainer

Catherine Courtain

“A nomad at heart, I love the ephemeral.
Creation makes me feel alive.
The voice is my path, and joy my guide.”

Catherine lives improvisation as a daily game.
Her 40 years of experience in mime, stage and creative expression are put to good use in creative and playful approaches to movement and voice.
Fascinated by and trained in cellular memory and energetic liberation, Catherine welcomes and makes room for the humanity of each individual, offering a space for expression that enhances the person’s authenticity.
Her guidance resonates with the individual, the soul of the group and the environment.
Catherine has now found her essence in the “Art of Improvisation”.

Vocal intuition, the joy of improvisation

Bénédicte Fontaine

Music has always been a part of my life, through singing and playing the flute and diatonic accordion. Since 2022 I’ve been organising singing sessions and workshops in Tenerife, to share with others collective moments of simplicity and vibration through song. I also love sharing the secrets and beauties of this magnificent region with travellers. The courses are an opportunity to immerse yourself in the magnificent landscapes, far removed from the tourist areas, to enjoy pure and true contact with the environment.


As a multidisciplinary trainer and creator, I use the arts and creativity as a vehicle for expression, learning and social change.

Creativity and nature

I’ve been living in Tenerife since 2012 and I’m co-founder of the educational association La Canopea, which is involved in regenerating land using permaculture methods to recreate a rich, nourishing ecosystem. This experimental space is also a training centre where we welcome many groups and volunteers. In addition to the voice and movement sessions, we’ll have the chance to explore some magnificent landscapes, learn more about Tenerife’s biodiversity and immerse ourselves in this project that cares for the land and its inhabitants.

Finca la Canopea


Improvised singing seeks out the intimate without putting words to it.
It opens up a space where the original essence of being can express itself without expectations or judgements. It respects the rhythm and limits of the moment. It opens up to other known and often unknown horizons. It allows the voice to tell, to liberate, to play, to create magical moments of emptiness through breath, sound and song, allowing “The Joy of Being Yourself” to emerge.

We’ll be taking different paths and using different tools:
Connection to the body, to others and to the environment.
Developing your imaginary language.
Improvisation structure in solo, duo and group.
Listening to and improvising with nature.
Vocal staging according to the space or elements offered by nature.
Sung rhythm and improvisation.
An intimate process with nature and the voice.


Polyphonic singing has shaped the sound identity of many communities around the world. Learning these songs means plunging body and soul into other cultures, letting yourself be enchanted by the rhythms and melodies that permeate our lives. Singing with several voices allows us to dialogue, to unite in simple or complex harmonies, to share intense moments of complicity, listening and respect for others.

Autumn-winter season 2024-2025

-from14 to 21 October 2024

-from 11 to 18 November 2024

-from 9 to 16 December 2024

-from 6 to 13 January 2025


At Finca la Canopea, 2 beautifully decorated houses will welcome us.

Casa la Libélula and Casita la Palmera are just a 5-minute walk from the centre of the small village of Los Silos, at the foot of the Teno mountain range. An ideal place to sample the local way of life while enjoying the peace and tranquillity of the breathtaking scenery.

Some photos of previous editions

Practical information

7 days and 7 nights
small group: maximum 10 people
price includes: accommodation and half-board (lunch and dinner), all activities included in the programme
price does not include: transfers and evening meals (a kitchen is available in the house)

840€ in a double room
(single room available on request and subject to availability, supplement €175)

Guestbook from previous editions

– 2023 edition with Morena Brindisi
– 2024 edition with Jérôme Prosperger

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